Unique investment opportunities

Pacific Holdings Investment Firm offers investors multiple purchasing tracks, all of which the investor receives 100% ownership of the property:

Purchase option 1   Purchase option 2-CLA Model

Purchasing renovated and leased property, with the “standard” management.

The Company collects 10% of management fees from the rent collected on the property. This enables tracking of all expenses incurred by the purchase. The purchaser receives quarterly reports listing all income and expenses. Ownership of the property is solely of the buyer as well as all capital gains.

The investor is not required to use Pacific Holdings' services, and is entitled to terminate the management contract and hire another company subject to the terms of any management agreement with 30 days' notice.

  Buying refurbished and leased asset using the CLA method

The purchaser receives a fixed return in monthly installments for four years depending on which of the following options is chosen:

8% fixed annual return for four years and a 50/50 distribution of future capital gains.

7% fixed annual return for four years and a distribution of 70/30 (favoring the purchaser) of future capital gains.

6% fixed annual return for four years without any distribution of future capital gains.

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