For more than a decade, Pacific Holdigns has developed excellent working relationships with dozens of mortgage banks. These banks repossess properties from individuals who are not able to meet their mortgage obligations. The banks are interested in working with companies which can purchase the foreclosure property quickly, efficiently, and without conditions and/ or prerequisites. 

Before acquiring properties, Pacific Holdings inspects them thoroughly. The inspection consists of three important elements:

Legal: Inspecting the title to make sure the property is free and clear of any third-party claims, such as easements, additional charges, etc.

Environmental: We study the environment in which the property is located and its proximitiy to: shopping centers, schools and pre-schools, parks, and other public facilities. We avoid acquiring assets located near major freeways or instersections, as it negatively affects the tenant's continued quality of life - a cornerstone of rental properties.

Physical Inspection: Properties undergo systematic and mechanical inspections, ensuring compliance with local and federal codes (Department of Housing and Urban Development). Upon certification, properties are renovated to correct any flaws, such as plumbing, air conditioning, electricity, kitchen appliances, etc. The primary goal of renovations is for Pacific Holdings to significantly improve the appearance of the property. 

The quest for excellence with an emphasis on small details gives our properties a higher attractiveness, relative to other homes in the area.
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