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- Property Manager
Coraida Medina - Assistant Property Manager
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Pacific Holdings offers real estate investing and property management services throughout the United States, and we have an office here in Oklahoma City. With all of our real estate investment opportunities, we strive to provide our investors with the best opportunities available, and high-quality property management services that make rental real estate investing convenient and consistent.

Real Estate Investing

At Pacific Holdings, we acquire real estate assets that are affordable as well as highly attractive to renters. Our investors can choose from a vast catalog of properties in order to find the best real estate to suit their budget and investment goals. Upon purchasing the property (the investor holds the title to the property), the investor will receive consistent payments month after month. If you’d prefer to guarantee your investment, you can get a bank-backed guarantee on the percentage that your property earns. As we mentioned, we also provide property management services to take all of the trouble out of owning rental real estate...

Property Management

Unlike traditional rental property ownership and operation, we take care of property management on your behalf. Leave property maintenance, repair, and upgrades to us. We’ll even find tenants for you! Yet, at the same time, you can still expect consistent checks per your contract. So, regardless of our expenses and the inconsistencies in the market. Let us manage your property while you earn consistent, dependable returns on your investment.

Our Passive Investing Solution

Since we combine real estate investing with property management, our investing options are uniquely convenient and safe. If you’re looking for a passive investment solution, you’ve simply got to try Pacific Holdings. Once again, we provide various investment opportunities across the nation. Find your next investment today! Or, if you’re further curious about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a representative!

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