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Youval Ziv - CEO
Shahram Tehrani - Construction Manager
Barry Axelrod - Development & Acquisitions
Luiz Ordonez - Construction and Maintenance 
Lizi Edri- Interior Designer 

Pacific Holdings is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Here at our home office, we began our collective endeavor to provide real estate investing opportunities. Since our humble beginnings, our efforts have expanded across the nation; we now provide property investment opportunities in Georgia, Florida, and other states. We strive to find the best investment opportunities for our clients in each respective state.

Real Estate Investing

With Pacific Holdings, real estate investing is a bit different. We seek out the best, most potent investments for our clients, and we provide unparalleled convenience and an unmatched guarantee of profit. Here’s our process. We allocate various real estate assets - the best low-cost, high-demand properties on the market. Next, investors can choose property that suits their budget and investment goals. After an investor purchases rental real estate, we offer a variety of packages that provide consistent returns on their investment. We also provide property management services for the duration of the contract.

Property Management

We manage our investors’ properties. Though our investors hold the titles to their properties, we maintain and upgrade their properties, and we seek out tenants to occupy your rental real estate. In short, we take all of the risk out of traditional rental real estate investing. Instead, you get a percentage return on the value of your property, and you can have that return guaranteed and backed by a bank - further securing your return on investment.

Our Passive Investing Solution

Since Our humble beginning, our operation have expended around the nation and into other countries.
We now provide investments opportunities in properties in Georgia, Florida Oklahoma and California and have sales offices in Tel Aviv/Israel, Bejing/China and Toronto/ Canada.

Pacific Holdings
Real Estate Investments
(800) 403-3407
8484 Wilshire Blvd #870
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Direct: (800) 403-3407
Fax: (877) 607-7556