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Pacific Holdings provides real estate investing and property management solutions here in Florida. From day one, it’s our goal to provide our investors with optimum market opportunities, and guaranteed profits for their investments. We’ve bundled our real estate investing and property management services to take all of the efforts out of owning a rental property, while also providing consistent reliable returns. Here’s our process:

Real Estate Investing & Property Management

We’ve already scoured the local real estate markets throughout Florida to find the best opportunities in rental real estate. We’ve acquired property that is highly affordable for investors, yet highly in-demand for renters.

When you’re ready to invest, simply choose a property that fits your budget and investment goals, and we’ll sell you one of our hand-picked properties. Since you own the title of the property, you earn part or all of the profits attained on the value of your property. You can sell your rental property at any time. Is the market booming? Perhaps you’d like to sell your real estate while its value is at its peak. With some investing plans, Pacific Holdings only retains a fraction of the profits accrued on a property. With other investing plans, the investor keeps all of the profits of his/her property sale.

For the duration of your investment contract, we’ll also manage the property on your behalf. We’ll maintain the property, perform repairs and upgrades as necessary, and we’ll even find tenants to occupy the property. In this way, we assume most of the risk inherent in rental real estate investing. Throughout your contract, we’ll simply send you a consistent month to month checks. You’ll know exactly how much money you can expect to see in the mail. That makes real estate investing through Pacific Holdings the ideal passive investment solution for savvy investors...

Our Passive Investing Solution

Here at Pacific Holdings, it’s our responsibility to be reliable, transparent and dedicated. We are strategic in finding the real estate investments that we provide so that our investors can earn the greatest return on investment when purchasing one of our properties. Beyond that, we work throughout the investment contract, to maintain and improve our clients’ properties to ensure that they keep as much value as possible vested into their real estate. In short, we provide value that you won’t find anywhere else. We provide real estate investing opportunities that come with peace of mind!

If you’re further curious, you can learn more about our real estate investment services. Or, if you’d like, you can get in touch with us to get started! Once again, we provide rental real estate investment opportunities throughout Florida!

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