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Pacific Holdings regularly employs contractors, construction professionals, and other building disciplines, including: architecture, rezoning, building properties from the ground up, determining roof types, infrastructure and upgrading properties, standard and complex plumbing, kitchen, electrical work, HVAC, digging swimming pools, planning and execution of private municipal gardens.

Since 2004, Pacific Holdings has gained extensive experience in the upgrade and construction of hundreds of properties in Greater Los Angeles, Atlanta, South Florida, and Oklahoma.

We follow every project from start to finish, ensuring perfect execution.

Planning and Permit Application

The first stage of construction is the palnning and permit process, which begins with creating a rough draft for the planned structure. The architect in-charge prepares the plans and submits them to the local municipality. 

Site Preparation

A critical step in the project is preparation of the lot, beginning with the complete claring of debris, such as: old buildings, trees, or vegetation. Pacific Holdings uses appropriate tools suitable to the specific conditions on the lot, ensuring an on-schedule project.

Laying the Foundation

The foundation phase prepares the land for the future of the structure, including earthwork and foundation casting.

Earthwork involves displacing soil and gravel from the site to allow construction of the foundation. Later, we replace some of the removed soil to cover the foundation.

Two methods are employed in the construction of the foundation: Concrete slabs or elevated foundations (raised foundation). Sometimes a combination of these two methods is necessary.

Constructing the Frame

Construction of the frame is a critical step of the building process. The frame greatly affects all the other stages of construction and requires accuracy. The frame must be built accurately to ensure safety and creating the foundation for the walls and casting clean elements. Attention to detail in the early construction stages significantly reduces costs. 

The frame itself is constructed of timber. The dimensions are determined by local standards and are rigorously tested by an engineer and building inspector.

We ensure that the frame is built with great adherence to the plans, and with no deviation from the schedule.

Walls and Partitions

Some of the walls in the building are part of the frame. Some are attached immediately after, as non-load-bearing elements. The remaining walls, which are mainly partitions, are installed last.

Building Systems

To achieve a high-quality architectural structure, most building systems are hidden in walls, floors, ceilings and the frame. For this reason, some systems are installed in the early stages of framing the structure. For example, plastic sewer pipes are laid in the center cavity of the framework prior to casting concrete pillars, which also protects the pipes. Telecommunications (low-voltage), electrical wiring and lighting are usually buried in hollow, plastic tubes. These are typically hidden in the walls or under the floors and later connected to the proper cables.

Finishing Work

One of the most critical phases of construction is finishing work, as many different trades need to get into the job site. For example, the precise installation of doors requires just millimeters of space from the top of the floor and can only be completed after paving. In multi-level structures with tight production schedules, we design the work. This keeps construction progressing from the bottom-up, and allows multiple trades to work simultaneously during the same construction phase. The chief engineer prepares the work plan for us, so we can ensure we are adhering to the program.

We pay extra-close attention to the finishing work, giving care to the smallest of details. We do not consider a project complete until the final detail gets approved by the architect.

We place great importance on the finishing work, with attention to the smallest details. We do not consider a project complete until the final detail gets approved by our architect.

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