Everything you need to know about the CLA (Comprehensive Leaseback Agreement) Model:

The Comprehensive Leaseback Agreement model was developed by Youval Ziv three years ago, in recognition of, and sensitivity to the needs of the U.S. real estate investor.

The main idea of the CLA is to shift risk from the real estate purchasers to Pacific Holdings.

When purchasing a property from Pacific Holdings, you have options. You can of course occupy the property as one option. You may also choose to lease the property yourself, or through a third-party management company. Another option is to take advantage of the Comprehensive Leaseback Agreement from Pacific Holdings.

Details of the CLA are available to you when a property is purchased. However, as with any leaseback program, you receive a fixed rental payment for a pre-determined timeframe with the option of automatic renewal. Pacific Holdings takes care of all expenses and risks involved with maintaining the property such as the property not being leased, eviction of tenants, damage from accidents, insurance, depreciation, legal costs, etc.

Here are some of the major problems that the CLA (Comprehensive Leaseback Agreement) Model can solve:

The problem: The risk of buying property that is overpriced and above market value.
Solution: In our CLA program, the property's price is determined by a qualified appraiser.

The problem: Buying property in a ghost town.
Solution: The rent is fixed for the term of the lease. Whether the property is rented or not, you receive the agreed upon amount. 

Problem: Difficulty in managing property that is not close to you.
The solution: Since we pay you rent, this becomes our risk.

The problem: The risk of buying a property with title issues.
Solution: All properties are acquired with title insurance.

The problem: Risk for a property investor who is unfamiliar with the process of selling.
The solution: We can assist you in the saels process. 

The Problem: We file for bankruptcy or fail to meet our obligations.
Solution: You are the owner of the real estate; and if we default under your lease, your ownership rights are not affected.
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