Buying Real Estate Through an Investment Company:
Answers to Common Questions

Who owns property acquired?

Acquisition of real estate investments through an investment company does not make the investment company an owner of the property. The property is owned by the buyer. The company offers its services in selecting a property, buying a property, insurance, actual management of the property and so on. Properties are registered in the name of the purchaser, not the investment firm.

What is the purchase process?

Our company offers homes, houses, and other assets for sale to prospective investors. After selecting a property, the purchase process begins. The investor places funds in escrow. Approximately 30 days later, the property is registered in the investor’s name. 2 months after registration, the investor begins to receive checks based on the agreed upon, guaranteed annual return percentage.

What am I paying the investment company?

The one-time payment the investor makes includes the amount to purchase the property itself and related expenses such as appraisal, attorney fees for the escrow company, insurance costs, property registration expenses, transfers, etc.

Can I sell the property?

The property is owned exclusively by the purchaser. The investment company only manages it, and therefore cannot force the owner to hold or sell at any time. Please note, however, that some contracts with other management companies state that if the property is sold prior to the expiration of the contract, the seller will need to pay a percentage to that company.
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